Credit Where It's Due

07/01/15 -- Sometimes these things happen, and you notice them, but don't really do anything about them. You just accept them as being "normal" and get on with everything else you have to do that day.

But today I thought that it was about time I did something about it and said thank you, I have noticed this, and you deserve some credit.

So thank you Gemcom. Once again the fastest payer on the books this month, by a mile. These boys pay faster than Usain Bolt with a bad dose of the trots. I'm only a little one man band, and these things make all the difference. If you don't already do business with them then maybe you should do.

I might do a name and shame next week, so those of you who are in danger of getting lapped three or four times by Usain Gemcom better get the chequebook out!