US Midwest Weather Seen Improving

07/04/15 -- The word from my US weather chum Gail Martell of Martell Crop Projections is that the US Midwest is seen turning wetter and warmer over the coming week:

"Recurring showers the past 2 weeks have improved field moisture for corn planting, due to begin toward month end. Most corn farms in the Midwest have received above-average rainfall though the subsoil is still very dry, reflecting intense drought previously. However, another 2-4 inches of rainfall would be needed to quench drought in southeastern Iowa and central Illinois the 2 leading corn states. Dry subsoil conditions exist also in the Upper Midwest -- South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan, all together affecting 22% of the Midwest corn belt.

"Stormy Midwest weather is predicted in the upcoming week, along with warm spring-like temperatures. Recurring showers are predicted. Very heavy rainfall is projected in the Upper Midwest, especially, where an active storm track develops. If drenching rain develops, as predicted, it may relieve dry field conditions.

"A cool Easter Sunday in the Midwest would be followed by strong warming in the week ahead, favouring fieldwork for corn planting. Corn seeding is due to begin in late April finishing up the first week of May. Midwest producers would not risk planting any earlier, due to the higher chances for a hard freeze. Early spring planting dates afford the highest potential corn yields, as strengthening solar rays and longer daylight hours boost growth and development."

What do you mean, you can't see the maps very clearly? You can click on them to enlarge them, you muppet.

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