A Pig In A Poke

21/05/15 -- Fads, remember them? Tank tops, flares, skateboards, the mullet haircut, shops where little fish nibble at your feet, the bioethanol industry. Who on earth thought any of that crazy lot had any longevity in them?

Boy how we laughed at the hapless Americans when they virtually "gave away" Ensus to the Germans. A plant that had cost what, anywhere from GBP250-300 million to build sold for little more than GBP10 million. The muppets.

Suddenly that doesn't look quite like such bad business though does it? Now the site looks set to remain closed for some time (see: That's a lot of mothballs).

Meanwhile, down the road BP appear to have decided that bioethanol production isn't their really bag, and have sold their 47% stake in Vivergo to ABF, who now own 94% of it.

I wonder what they'll do with the cash (assuming that there is any)?

They could do worse than open up a chain of them e-cigarette shops, I reckon.