Nogger's Blog And "The Results"

24/06/16 -- Please note that due to circumstances beyond my conrol*  the domain name that used to point here now points to some stupid ecigs/vapouriser type pile of shite. Apols for that, I can't do 'owt about it.

The blog is still here as you can see under the slightly less memorable address.

Perhaps even more importantly anyone sending me emails to will find that these are not getting through, so please delete any such email addresses that you have in your contacts and stick with the old one(s) @ntlworld or will suffice.

* these have involved me doing nothing about the reminders that this domain was about to expire, and assuming that my auto-renew facility would sort that out. Well it would, were it not for the case that my old credit card also expired at the end of May and so the new one didn't "auto-update" did it. It auto failed.

And so my domain expired. No problem I thought. I'll simply take it out again. No chance. Some punter called Jamie Dallas of 11 Meadow Road London SW8 1QD has already taken it. In like shit off a shovel.

Short of writing to Jamie begging him to sell me my own domain back and/or playing the "I've not been very well" card it's a situation I'm stuck with.

Still, I hope that Jamie likes pizza as he's going to be getting rather a lot of it across the next few weeks, and taxis at all hours.

Still, the results are in ladies and gentlemen, as I genuinely haven't been very well this past few months as some of you know.

The treatment has been very successful. But (you knew that word was coming didn't you?), there are still one or two areas of concern. "We can never really say anything has gone away for 100% sure" so it's fingers crossed and come back for another scan in 3 months time.

If the "one or two areas of concern" haven't got any bigger/brighter during this time, or reappeared anywhere else, then we might me OK. Possibly.

If they have then you're buggered son. Still, keep up the good work and the nil by mouth until further notice. Next...