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The outlook for the UK wheat market in 2023 is mixed. On the one hand, there are some positive factors that could support prices, such as:
  • A strong winter cropping season, with reports pointing to the potential for good winter grain yields.
  • A decline in the spring barley area, which could lead to increased demand for wheat.
  • A continued global wheat deficit, due to factors such as the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the drought in the US.

On the other hand, there are also some negative factors that could weigh on prices, such as:

  • A bearish price outlook for global grains, due to ample supply.
  • Negative economic sentiment, which could dampen demand for wheat.
  • The potential for further disruptions to global wheat trade, due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Overall, the outlook for the UK wheat market in 2023 is uncertain. Prices could be supported by strong production and a decline in the spring barley area, but they could also be weighed down by a bearish global price outlook and negative economic sentiment. The impact of the conflict in Ukraine on global wheat trade will also be a key factor to watch.