I Wish To Register A Complaint

What can I say? I've been inundated with emails telling me that my original Jacko post needs to be reinstated. unfortunately it was done off the cuff at around 9am Friday morning after a tip off from my Malpas correspondent, whose name I can't divulge under threat of a fatwa, so let's just call him Mr Waterhouse for now.

Subsequent funnier than my own postings (I mistakenly thought) incoming emails, texts etc led to me doctoring the original post throughout the day.

I'm sorry, the original is lost forever.

It did contain stuff about him turning his nose up at his breakfast, looking pale without anybody noticing and his bezzie chum and fellow bender of spoons Uri Geller being distraught. Oh, and rumours of a duet with Farah Fawcett being unconfirmed.

Bummer, that's all I can remember.

Did I do the one about the McJacko Burger? A fifty year old piece of meat nestled in a seven year old bun? No, I thought not.

Apols, but I am still available for a summer season & panto bookings are now being taken.