US Weather Latest

It's a roller coaster ride for US weather at the moment. This week saw 99F in Illinois on Tuesday, 98F in Michigan on Wednesday and 96F in Ohio yesterday. It was even hotter in Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana as max temperatures are averaging 4-10 degrees F above normal for the week, according to Allen Motew of QT Weather. The good news is that along with the heat, rain has been plentiful in many locations.

The heat dome currently centered over Kansas, means that temperatures will again be well above normal from Kansas to Kentucky this weekend:

It's all change next week though, as the heat dome drops southwestward and cold air and additional rain moves into the Corn Belt, says Allen. Next week, temperatures will reach 4 to 16 degrees below normal in northern parts of the Midwest from Minnesota to Ohio, he adds.

After that heat returns the following week (the second week of July), as the heat dome rebuilds in the Plains and Corn Belt. Besides this, the Gulf of Mexico’s second tropical storm may arrive early next week too, he concludes.