Grain Market Snippets

The Chinese government auctions this week have found takers for 725,900 MT of corn and just 15,000 MT of soybeans.

Private Chinese importers booked 110,000 MT of new crop US soybeans yesterday. Clearly, US prices will need to move up further or the government drop their minimum price ideas if they really want to shift some volume.

China's National Grain and Oils Information Centre, or CNGOIC, say that this season's wheat harvest will now total 115.5 MMT, corn output will reach 166.5 MMT and soybean production 15.0 MMT.

The French Ministry upped their soft wheat production estimate to 36.1 MMT on Friday. FranceAgriMer say that the winter barley harvest there is now finished and spring barley is around 75% done in the south, and 65% complete in the north.

Wheat harvesting in France is said to be pretty much complete in the south.

OSR production in France will now amount to 5.3 MMT, say the Ministry, up from 4.7 MMT last season. Corn production will come in at 15.6 MMT they say, slightly down on 16.0 MMT last year.

The German wheat crop is said to be around 85% cut in the south and 65% harvested in the north. OSR yields look set to be a record high.

Around 60% of the wheat crop has been harvested in southern Poland, but in the north things are much slower at only around 15% done, according to Sparks Polska.

Bulgarian wheat production will come to around 3.1 MMT this season, according to the local Grain Producers' Association.