Feeling Nervous?

I am. EU finance ministers have announced a "put it all on red" EUR750 billion facility (on top of the EUR110 billion already allocated to Greece) to help indebted eurozone member countries.

It sounds like a lot doesn't it EUR750 billion? Although the Spanish probably need half of that on their own, and then there's still the rest of the PIIGS to muck out.

All of which beggars the question: who is going to be there to bail us out?

The one thing the Greeks and Spanish do have going for them is that they are members of a sixteen strong gang. Poor old GB is on it's lonesome, currently unable to even agree on who is in charge to think about how to tackle our huge budget deficit.

The euro seems to be off the hook for now, but you can be sure that the sharks will be circling looking for their next easy victim, and I'd say that we seem to fit the bill rather nicely.