Midwest finally set for some warmer weather

Freese Notis--While too much rainfall this spring has draw most of the headlines in regards to a fairly poor start to 2008 corn and soybean crops in the Midwest, cooler-than-normal temperatures have been equally as much of a problem.

March temperatures of two to six degrees below normal, April readings of normal to five degrees below normal for areas west of the Mississippi River, and May temperatures on the order of two to six degrees below normal over the entire Midwest means that we could see the meteorological spring (which ends on May 31) rank among the twenty coolest ever recorded for parts of the Midwest.

What is notable about upcoming weather then, is the fact that we are going to see a shift towards extended periods of warmer-than-normal conditions for the first time in a long while. Cool weather of the middle of this week is really the only cool weather in the forecast through the first ten days of June. High temperatures in the 80s will return to much of the Corn Belt by Friday, with 80s probably even more common for Saturday. High temperatures of 75 to 85 degrees should then dominate into next week, though southwestern and southern parts of the region may even do a little better than that once in a while.

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