Burrell: I've seen the Queen's thri'penny bits

In his sensational new book "I'll Say Anything For Money", former royal butler and convicted liar Paul Burrell reveals that he has seen our majesty the Queen's jugs. Burrell goes on to claim that he has also witnessed a three-way lesbian love romp between the the Queen, The Duchess of Kent and Queen Juliana of the Netherlands.

At his home in Farndon, Cheshire, loathesome Burrell proudly showed off his impressive array of royal memorabilia including a cotton bud that he says was once used by Princess Diana to clear some ear wax and a small bar of soap encursted with the ginger pubs of none other than the Duchess of York. Centrepiece of the collection however, which will be auctioned off on eBay later this month to raise money for what Burrell descibes as "me", is an old pair of the Queen Mother's teeth.

In Burrell's cringingly smarmy book, the sensational follow-up to "Discretion Is My Middle Name Ma'am," he also reveals that Prince Phillip's todger is "enormous," Princess Margaret once offered him a hand-shandy in exchange for a bottle of scotch and that Prince Edward is in love with a horse.