Midwest weather outlook

Freese Notis -- Significant rains over the weekend were confined to areas east of the Mississippi River where some spots picked up more than 2 inches. It was mostly in the 80s for highs (70s far north) on Saturday while Sunday's highs ranged from the 70s in MI to generally the 80s elsewhere.

The warmer temperatures are aiding the newly planted corn. The one thing that is certain over the next 10-15 days is that temperatures will remain on the warm side of normal for the majority of the Cornbelt. The only exception may be in the far northwest where temperatures will probably be close to normal on most days.

The warm temperatures will be helping the corn to catch up in its early growing cycle after the slow planting progress and the unseasonably cool weather. There will be plenty of rain the next several days across especially the northern half of the Cornbelt.

Later in the week and during the 6-10 day period, the emphasis of the big rains will be over the western Cornbelt. The reason for this is that a dome of high pressure aloft will be building over the southern and southeastern U.S. Therefore, the battle of air masses will be over the western Cornbelt and northern Plains. The southern Plains will see a lot of heat and drier than normal weather with this scenario. However, after the great rains in recent weeks, this warm weather will, if anything, be of benefit to the crop. It will help to mature it more rapidly. The soft-red winter wheat crop is also in excellent shape at this time.

Getting back to the Cornbelt, there will be some heat evolving for especially the southern and southwestern Cornbelt for the 6-10. Highs will likely reach to well up into the 90s on at least a few days. However, this is of no concern at this time after a very wet and cool spring. Besides, indications point to this heat abating during the 11-15 day period.