Tesco denies US operations failing, cites futher expansion

Tesco's Chief Executive, Tim Mason, has dismissed the company's US Fresh & Easy chain was failing after indicating expansion beyond the West Coast was being considered.

Mr Mason said the firm’s 60 convenience-style shops were thriving. He stressed the decision to bring in the supermarket giant’s former Thailand chief, Jeff Adams, was a signal of preparation for future expansion rather than an admission the venture was in trouble.

Mr Mason said: “We have always known we will need more executive vice-presidents in operations because this country is so big that as soon as we go into a new geography, we will need someone to run it, so we have brought him in a little early.”

There is speculation that Mr Adams will be based in Chicago and that Tesco expansion could take place in the Mid West.

The Tesco boss also refused to rule out the expansion programme would take place after 2012 but added that nothing would be done until the company had “explained” how they were performing on the West Coast.