Agrenco Latest

As translated by the wonderful Babel Fish:

The investor of the Agrenco that to read the order of judicial recovery of the subsidiary Brazilians of the group will not understand what it was made of the money that delivered to the company, in 25 of October of the passed year, when the company listed action in the São Paulo Stock Exchange and got R$ 666 million. The document, that is opened to the public in the electronic address of the Commission of Movable Values (CVM), does not mention the occured capitalizaton in the last year - the greater already gotten by the company. The opening of process for Agrenco Brazil, Agrenco Services, Agrenco Administration and Agrenco Bioenergia was requested. The company suffers to difficulties since the start from this year and the situation if she aggravated after the arrest of the three controlling partners, in 20 of June, the Influenza Operation of Polícia Federal (PF). The executives, untied in July, are suspected of frauds, shunting line of resources of the company and fiscal tax evasion, among others. Since then, the company negociaumaporte of capital with six potentials interested in being with the operations. The negotiation process comes being lead for the bank of investments JP Morgan. The proper ones interested had asked for the recovery, with intention to protect the company of the creditors and, especially, the new resources that eventually they will invest in the company.

So that's cleared that lot up then.