Egyptian Wheat Tender Info

Egpyt have tendered for 55-60,000MT of wheat FOB.

Its interesting to note who tendered, and at what price, and from where:

US origin wheat was offered in a range of USD228-238 FOB.

French/German wheat was offered in a range of USD252.50-261 FOB.

Russian/Ukraine wheat was offered in a range of USD250-260 FOB.

Abu Dongol (who?) came in with the cheapest offers on US and Russian/Ukraine origin wheat. Their offer of Russian/Ukraine wheat was matched by Al Wehda United (I'm not making it up).

The cheapest offer on French wheat came from Invivo who offered 30,000MT at USD252.50. Cargill offered two parcels of French wheat 60,000MT and 40,000MT, both at USD253.

Abu Dongol 2, Al Wehda United 1 you might say?

Meanwhile here's the rest of the scores from the Egyptian Grain Tender Premier League:

Toepfer 0 Louis Dreyfus 0
Glencore 0 Soufflet 0
Bunge 0 Lecurer 0
Horus 0 Aston 0
Venus 0 Alexandria Grain 0

There is currently extra time being played in the match between Invivo and Cargill, but we'll bring you the final score as soon as we get it.