Russian Grain Harvest Latest - Official Sums Don't Add Up

As of September 8, Russia had harvested grain and legumes on 33 mln ha (71.3% of sowed areas) and the crop totaled 89 mln tonnes, an increase 21.3 mln tonnes compared to the same date of the previous year. The yield totaled 26.9 c/ha, up 4.8 c/ha compared to 2007, according to the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

18.7 mln ha of wheat have been harvested (70% of sowed areas) with the yield of 27.8 c/ha, up 3.6 c/ha compared to the previous year. The crop totaled 51.8 mln tonnes, an increase 11.1 mln tonnes compared to 2007. 7.8 mln ha of barley have been harvested (80.8% of sowed areas) with a yield of 27.2 c/ha, up 6.9 c/ha compared to 2007.

The official estimate of a total grain crop of 95mmt again has to look highly questionable with output standing at 89mmt off just 71.3% of planted area. If you do the sums 100% of planted area gives us an output of more like 125mmt.

Russian wheat production in 2007 was 49.4mmt according to the USDA, they've topped that already with 30% of the crop still to go at.