Ukraine Stitched Up Again, This Time With Contaminated Meat

The Belgian authorities are investigating a possible meat trafficking scandal between Western European countries and Ukraine, which has been going on since the beginning of 2008.

The authorities are suspecting that large quantities of surplus meat considered as “unfit for human consumption” were shipped to Ukraine with false export certificates claiming that the meat came from firms based in Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The “unfit” meat was found to be transformed into hamburger patties and sausages for resale in the Western European market.

It is understood that some meat was seized from 32 freight train wagons near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

A Belgian inspection team has been working with the Ukrainian authorities since the last week of August.

Media reports from Belgium and France claim that 1,400 tons of “unfit” poultry meat were transformed and that four leading Western European meat producers originally shipped the produce into Ukraine.

Poor old Ukraine, bless. We encourage them to plant stacks of wheat and rapeseed which we subsequently don't want. Then, by way of kindness, we repay them by shipping them a load of contaminated meat. Cheers Ukraine.