Defra Deny That They Are A Gang Of Muppets Who Haven't Got A Clue

Defra have refuted claims that they are a gang of muppets who haven't got a clue about agriculture.

Vegetarian Hilary Benn, it has been revealed, has just one farm in his entire constituency and Food and Farming Minister, Jane Kennedy has none!

New Food and Farming Minister, Jane Kennedy, has been in her job for 27 days. A phone call to Ms Kennedy's constituency office to ask how many farms were in Liverpool Wavertree, was answered: “None that I know of and I very much doubt there are any but you never know, there may be a few cows wandering around the place.”

“I am keen to listen to representatives of the industry and mitigate their problems. I am too soon into my brief to say I know clearly what needs to be done but I am beginning to understand the pressures,” said Ms Kennedy,

Case proven M'Lord.