Russian Grain Harvest Sets 15-Year Record

In 2008, Russia harvested 110.5 mln tonnes of grains (off 96% of planted area), which is a record during last 15 years, declared Aleksey Gordeyev, the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, on October 9.

According to the Minister, the yield was over 2.49 tons a hectare, which is also a record for Russia.

Krasnodar Krai (over 11 mln tonnes) and Rostov oblast (9 mln tonnes) are the main leaders of grain harvest. Overall the wheat crop in Russia totals 65 mln tonnes so far, 13.7 million tonnes more than on the same date last year. Of which the food grade wheat totals 34 mln tonnes, an increase of 6 mln tonnes compared to the previous year, the Ministry said.

The Ministry said it now expects this year's grain harvest total 105 million tonnes in clean weight, which would be about 23 million tonnes more than in 2007.

To date, Russian farmers have planted 12.5 mln ha of winter crops, the Ministry added. Gordeyev said the area planted with winter crops would be 10% higher than it was last year. Winter crops, which mainly consist of food grain, account for 40% of the grain grown in the country, he said.