GB Animal Feed Statistical Notice

The latest national statistics on Great Britain's output of animal feed for the months of July, August and September 2008 have been published by Defra.

The highlights of the latest report are as follows:

  • In September 2008, the total Great Britain (GB) retail production of animal feed was down 1.2% compared with September 2007
  • In September 2008 the total GB raw material usage in the retail production of animal feed was down 1.3% compared with the same month a year earlier
  • In September 2008, the total GB integrated feed production was up 2.7% compared with September 2007.
  • For the period April to June 2008, quarterly average prices of animal feedingstuffs were the following (per tonne):
    Cattle and calf feed - £192
    Pig feed - £218
    Poultry feed - £235
    Sheep feed - £184
  • Feed volumes produced in Great Britain during September 2008 (compared to September 2007) were as follows:
    Cattle and calf feed production down 0.1%
    Compounds for dairy cows down 0.4%
    Pig feed down 11.4%
    Poultry feed up 2.8%
    Sheep feed up 1.2%.
  • Comparing raw material usage in animal feeds in September 2008 compared to September 2007:
    Wheat usage is down 2.7%
    Barley usage is up 20.3%
    Total volume of raw materials used in feeds is down 1.3%.