Weetabix Want More UK Wheat; And What Happened To Mrs Nogger#1

UK wheat breeder KWS UK report it has seen a jump in demand from farmers for its white wheat variety Zircon, following an appeal from Weetabix for more of the grain to be sourced in the UK.

Weetabix says that white wheat makes a sweeter, paler flour than commonly used red wheat varieties, and it will be used in its ‘minis’ range. Weetabix says it will pay a premium of £15 a tonne over the feed grain price, plus £10 extra haulage, for Zircon wheat.

Openfield, the newly merged business, are said to have already have accepted an order from Weetabix to supply 7,500 tonnes of Zircon a year for the next three years.

For some strange reason, this story reminds me of the time (ex) Mrs N#1 kept prattling on about wanting a diamond eternity ring for an anniversary present. Well, times were hard, and she was no jewelery expert Mrs N#1, so I went off into town and bought her a nice cubic zircona jobbie. Approximately the size of the koh-i-noor diamond this thing was, but for something like twenty five quid.

Now, she loved that ring did Mrs N#1, she remarked on what an incredible amount I must love her to buy her such an extravagant present, and it was a sure sign that we were indeed meant to be together forever (it wasn't, it didn't and we weren't). But that just goes to prove that as long as she believed it was what it wasn't then who was there to hurt?

Unfortunately I came home from work one day to find that Mrs N#1 had been stupidly doing the dishes wearing said ring, and said 'diamond' had fallen out. But all was not lost, the cubic zircona koh-i-noor was so big the bloody thing didn't go down the plug hole! Mrs N#1 had subsequently rescued it and, fearful that I might chastise her for foolishly doing the dishes in such an expensive ring, immediately rushed off into town to have it repaired. Where, sadly, she heard the truth about the quality of my love token.

It was largely downhill after that.