EU 2009/10 Wheat Crop

First estimates are now filtering through on the estimated planted area and output for soft wheat in Europe's leading producing countries for next season's crop.

In France, the EU's No.1 producing country, planted area is estimated at 5.03 mln ha which is 0.5% below the 5.06 mln ha in 2008/09, according to the French Agriculture Ministry (Agreste). ONIGC estimate plantings 0.7% lower at around 5 mln ha. Ouput is estimated around 1% lower on the current season at 36.9mmt.

In Germany, Europe's second largest producer, the size of the 2009/10 soft wheat crop is estimated at 25.282mmt, 2.7% down on the current season, with a slightly lower yield of 7.88mt/ha estimated.

The UK is the third largest producer in the the EU. Here output is seen at 16.015mmt next season by Strategie Grains, that's a drop of 8% on the current season.

No estimates are yet available for output in the fourth and fifth largest producers in the EU-27 during 2008/09 (Poland & Hungary).

Soft wheat output in Spain, the sixth largest EU producer in 2008/09, is seen 15% lower at 4.712mmt.