Madoff With Your Money

It appears that the British taxpayer is exposed to the newly outed Bernard Madoff biggest scam of all-time, after the RBS admitted that it had an exposure of £400 million in the ruse.

The potential loss is another blow to the beleaguered bank, which is 58 per cent owned by the Government after it accepted £20 billion from the taxpayer as part of the £37 billion bailout of British banks.

HSBC said it may have a potential exposure of about $1 billion from loans made to funds investing in Mr Madoff’s venture.

May have??!! Don't they bloody well know? Heads should well and truly roll over this fiasco. These muppets are getting bailed-out for their inefficiencies with taxpayers money & 'investing' it in crap like this rather than lending it to us!

And another thing, what are the Septics doing allowing this sort of thing to go on so long?