USDA Weekly Export Sales

The latest USDA weekly export sales report for the week ended 4th Dec stated the following quantities (trade estimates):

Wheat: Net sales of 239,300 (250-350,000) metric tons.

Corn: Net sales of 1,058,700 (650-850,000) MT including 130,000 MT for MY 2009/10.

Soybeans: Net sales of 811,800 (550-750,000) MT including 2,000 MT for MY 2009/10.

Soybean Meal: Net sales of 18,500 (75-125,000) MT --a marketing-year low-- included 100 MT for 2009/10.

Soybean Oil: Net sales of 400 (5-10,000) MT.

Another poor week for wheat, perhaps indicating that recent dollar strength and plunging freight are impacting upon US competitiveness abroad. A solid performance from beans and corn.