This EU Pesticides Thing

Is it just me, or is this the biggest load of misconceived, do-goody, save the planet whilst we all starve to death bollox Europe has ever come up with?

Weren't people dying in bread queues less than a year ago? Or is that alright because that was in places like Egypt, Nigeria, Haiti and the Philippines?

Well it could be coming soon to a store near you if these environmentalist loonies get their way.

The legislation has one more hurdle to pass before becoming law in a vote at the Council of Ministers. Pray to God it won't get passed, but in your heart of hearts you know it will.

Why don't we go the whole hog and force our farmers to get shire horses out to plough the fields, turning England back into one giant Constable painting?

Windmills would pop up all over the place in our green and pleasant land. The lentil-loving sandal-wearing hippies would be in Nirvana.

If we run out of carrots we can bring them in by donkey from Kenya, perhaps?

Everybody can bake their own bread out of GM-free flour imported in panamax vessels (discharged via a horse and cart of course, we wouldn't want to offend anyone) from China at a cost of £20,000/tonne.

Once 85% of us have starved to death there'll be enough organic butternut squash soup left for everybody else. Sorted.