Argentinean Strike - Breaking News

In a surprisingly restrained move Argentine farmers have said that they will postpone their proposed strike in favour of talks with Argy president and hot babe Cristina Fernandez.

"We've decided to postpone any kind of protest and reiterate to the president that we want to talk," farm workers union leader Eduardo Buzzi is quoted as saying.

Now, I'm not one for gossip as you know, but I wouldn't mind betting that Eduardo has got the hots for Cristina.

And why wouldn't he want to "talk" with her? We've all been there. You meet up for a critical meeting with the president of your country. You have a few drinks just to settle the nerves. Mmmm you smell nice, next thing she's digging her nails into your back screaming "punish me for those punative export tariffs big boy." No wonder her hair looks touselled.

The next day the strike's back on & he's not returning her calls and ignoring her texts. How could she have been so stupid? She's not just let herself down, she's let the entire country down.

She reminds me very much of Mrs Nogger#1 actually. Except Fernandez is attractive and doesn't live in my old house, with all my furniture. But I did get the Dyson (she had no need for it the slovenly cow). So that was 50:50 really.

What would you like Eduardo? The usual?