Russian Pork Producers Booming

Pork producers in Russia are getting three times as much money for their animals as producers in North America, according to Jim Long, the president and CEO of Genesus Genetics.

Long explains there’s a shortage of meat which was caused by the loss of infrastructure for livestock production that followed the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russian producers are reaping the benefits of the shortage.

He says producers in Russia are getting roughly $3.00 per kilogram while North American hog farmers get closer to $1.00 per kilo.

He says a 1500 sow barn in Russia will usually have its own feed mill and slaughtering facility due to the lack of trust between farm owners.

Security guards will often make up at least 10 percent of a farm’s workforce, says Long - not just to prevent outsiders from stealing from the farm but to prevent employees from taking property home with them.