Anarchy in The UK

Interesting footage on the national news last night of rioting in the City of London. Where were all the police? They seemed to be hopelessly outnumbered in many of the shots I saw.

Some newspapers are carrying shots of one rioter merrily hurling sometheing large throught the window of the RBS, the only people withing 50 yards of him being fellow rioters and a mass of photographers.

"Go on my son, smash the capatalist pigs window, a little to the left please."

It appears that the crowd were a rag-taggle bunch of disillusioned theology students, G20 demonstrators, public school drop outs and skinheads & football hooligans just along for the ride.

Was it just me that was wishing we could throw Sir Fred to the lions at this point?

One anti-capitalist campaigner was ironically selling whistles for a pound. Presumably he must have also paid a pound for them? Or maybe he hand-fashioned them himself out of sustainable willow coppice and all monies collected would go to feeding the homeless macro-biotic pulse and haloumi pitta breads?

Meanwhile the city types helpfully clamoured around the upper floor windows of their office blocks taking pictures on their iPhones and flashing the odd wad of £20-notes.

I doubt that this will be the end of it, the hardline have had too good a time on this day out and will be itching for more.