G20 Meeting

G20 at first I thought that meant that somebody had allowed those fruitcakes off the X Factor to have children. Urgh. But no, it's a group of 19 of the world's largest national economies, plus the European Union, who've been having a little meeting in London to sort out a couple of things. What type of sandwiches to order, where the next meeting is going to be held, who fancies a go at sorting out the global economy, that sort of thing.

Well it's all been kicking off apparently with the French threatening to walk out and not cooperate? Well who'd have thought that, they wouldn't help us get their new chums the Germans out of Paris last time so why should they bother to lift a finger now?

Never before has a nation so richly deserved the title of "cheese-eating surrender monkeys".

At least we did manage to catch a glimpse of Argy President Cristina Fernandez in TV footage last night, a welcome piece of eye-candy compared to sour kraut Angela Merkel.

Our glorious leader Gordon McBroon was there, along with new best mate Obama. At one stage I thought they were going to strike up an impromptu version of "I Got You Babe" the air between them was so thick with sycophancy.

Sarkozy had the temerity to turn up late, at least Angela Merkel had the in-built decency to get there early, but then again she waz only obeying orders: