German Dairy Farmers Feeling Pinch Too

It's not just here in the UK that the dairy industry is feeling the pinch, the situation is replicated across the rest of Europe too.

German dairy farmers fear that their numbers will be massively reduced in the next year as milk prices continue to go down, daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung reported on Tuesday.

"When the situation remains the same as it has been, then one-third of the farmers won’t make it through the next year," President of the German dairy farmer's federation (BDM), Romuald Schaber, told the paper. "That’s 30,000 operations."

The BDM has complained of low milk prices for some time, and in May last year staged a 10-day delivery strike to protest prices they said were too low to support their costs. Prices were between €0.27 to €0.35 per litre. Farmers openly threw surplus milk down drains, fed it to their calves, or spread it over crops.