Threat Of European Milk Strike Looms

The threat of a co-ordinated European-wide milk strike is on the cards if a meeting of of European Union farm ministers in Brussels next week fails to "quickly implement" a serious milk policy in Europe.

So warned the European Milk Board in a joint statement with the OPL dairy producers' lobby in France.

Dairy farmers across Europe are losing money hand over fist, with farmer protests in France and Germany in recent weeks seeing gallons of milk and manure dumped in front of government offices.

As we all know the French love a good protest, but just for once they might have picked a worthwhile cause here. They are blaming the supermarkets of cashing in on the farmers plight, whilst continuing to generate huge profits for themselves (you won't catch me arguing with that one) and the phasing out of the milk quota system.

Certainly something needs to be done and quickly with farmers leaving the industry in droves.

Unless of course you think it makes a huge amount of sense to get rid of all the smelly methane-farting cows destroying the environment and import our melamine flavoured milk from the other side of the globe Mariann?

Which is which?
A smelly methane-farting cow.