UK Latest Biofuel Usage Figures

The Renewable Fuels Agency reports 1087 million litres of biofuel have been were used between 15 April 2008 and 14 February 2009 under the RTFO. This is approximately 2.7% of total road transport fuel. More biodiesel (84% or 914,000 million litres) has been supplied than bioethanol (16% or 173,000m litres).

Around a third, or 370,000m litres, of the biodiesel was produced from soybean oil, 269,000m litres from rapeseed oil, 138,000m litres from sugar cane, 109,000m litres from palmoil, and 94,000m litres from tallow.

In the case of ethanol production, 138,000m litres was based on sugarcane, 33,000m litres on sugarbeet and 1,000m litres on molasses.

The most widely reported source of biodiesel was American soy (26% of biodiesel supplied). The most widely reported source of bioethanol was Brazilian sugarcane (79% of bioethanol supplied).