Argy Midterm Elections Latest

Congressional candidate Francisco de Narváez is just leading in Buenos Aires province ahead of ex-president Néstor Kirchner, in a high-profile race in the country's mid-term elections, early official results showed.

With 36 percent of the vote counted, De Narváez's Unión-PRO party is ahead with 34.78 percent of the ballot, and Kirchner's Justicialist Victory Front in second with 32.78 percent.

The results that are in so far would mean that the government will lose its majority in both houses of congress.

The key race is in Buenos Aires province, home to 38 percent of Argentines, where dueling Peronist factions are scrambling for the largest share of the 35 lower house seats up for grabs in that district alone.

A win for De Narváez would be popular with Argentine farmers as he is seen as being more sympathetic to the farmers' cause, owning an agriculture company himself, and being a close associate of the Kirchner administration's former Agriculture Secretary Felipe Sola. Sola quit his post last year in protest over the government's handling of the long-running dispute with the farmers.