Milk Link Offer To Take On Remaining DFoB Members Without A Contract

Milk Link have offered to take on the remaining 143 former Dairy Farmers of Britain members who have yet to find an alternative outlet for their milk, and are currently selling it to receivers PricewaterhouseCoopers at 10ppl.

Milk Link have offered to pay the farmers involved 18ppl for a trial three month period.

Milk Link, who acquired the DFB-owned Llandyrnog Creamery earlier this month, say that they can offer a better price due to their improved efficiencies and a larger milk field.

“The provision of this contract, we believe, will provide those DFB farmers without an alternative buyer, a much needed period of stability and a secure outlet for their milk. It will also allow them time to assess how they want to move forward in dairy farming,” said Milk Link.

Well done Milk Link I say. I guess that the bulk of the 143 are small-scale producers, some in rather remote and inaccessible places or they'd have secured an alternative outlet by now. I don't suppose that Lord Granchester is one of them.