USDA Acreage Report: Well We Expected A Surprise

We certainly got one. Hot off the press, here are the magic numbers:
June USDA Avg Trade Range Mar USDA 2008
Corn 87.035 84.158 82.474-86.000 84.986 85.982

Soybeans 77.483 78.305 75.300-79.631 76.024 75.718

Spring Wheat 13.772 13.102 12.826-13.404 13.304 14.135

All Wheat 59.775 58.337 57.600-58.800 58.638 63.147

Whooooa there, where the hell did all those extra corn acres come from? Three million more than the average trade guess and an increase of two million on the March estimate, are you twisting my melons?

The bean acres, not a problem, 77 1/2 million, fine I can buy that. Spring wheat more acres than March? All wheat a million more acres than March, and a million over the highest trade estimate?

Who compiled these Bernie Madoff?