Very Cold Week In Store For Canada

Well below normal temperatures are persisting across the Canadian canola regions from Alberta to Manitoba, according to StormX. On Tuesday morning, frost was widespread in the Canadian Prairies. Environment Canada reported that 10 record lows were set in Alberta at that time. Near Calgary, temperatures dropped to 24ºF, about 20ºF below normal. To the east, in Saskatechewan, Regina hit 28ºF, where lows should be close to 50ºF at this time of year.

Dryness in Alberta and Saskatchewan presents a problem for canola growers, waiting for moisture to plant their crop, whilst conversely in southern Manitoba farmers are still waiting for their fields to dry out.

These same areas are also the main spring wheat growing regions of Canada, so there are potentially harmful implications for wheat too. This cold mass of air over Canada is also seen pushing well into the northern US too, affecting crops in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Wisconsin.

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