Egypt's GASC Under Investigation, BBC Buy TV Rights

Egypt's state-owned wheat buyer GASC is under investigation for it's part in the recent problems with quality on imports from Russia, according to media reports.

The country's state prosecution office is said to be in the middle of an ongoing investigation, which might be criminal, into GASC and Egyptian Traders Co, the company at the centre of the recent row.

GASC have interestingly steered well clear of Russian purchases in it's last two recent tenders, despite Russian wheat being offered cheaper than other origins, instead buying French and US wheat.

The BBC have bought the TV rights to the saga and are said to be "at an advanced stage" of launching a new TV soap surrounding the Egyptian wheat trade called Backhanders. The soap will be centered around a fictional area of Cairo called Dilbert Square.

In it Ross Kemp will be blacked-up to play GASC chairman Nomoney Nomoney, with the part of the Egyptian Traders Co CEO and chairman of the Egyptian feed trade body GUPTA, Ashraf Ihadnothingtodowithit Atall Atall, going surprisingly to Peter Andre 'because he looks foriegn'.