I Never Thought I'd Feel Sorry For An Argie

But today I almost do, the poor buggers, quite literally. Not only does your average man on the streets now have a lower per capita income than his counterpart in neighbouring Chile.

Crippled by drought, inflation, punitive taxes and crippling red tape the agricultural sector has gone to the dogs.

The Agricultural Secretariat haven't put out a crop estimate since March, the one that was famously withdrawn after a couple of hours because it 'contained errors'.

In 2008, for the first time ever, Argentina exported less beef than Uruguay, despite being almost fifteen times bigger.

They're set to produce less wheat than they consume in 2009.

Now the poor sods have raging swine flu.

Trading on the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange floor was suspended yesterday, with traders having to phone in with offers and bids.

Seventeen provinces have closed schools and colleges in an attempt to combat the outbreak of H1N1 influenza.

And they've leapt to third in the list of the largest number of deaths from the virus.

But will they apologise for that hand ball, will they buggery. That's all they'd need to do and I'd let it go, the cheating Argie b@stards.

Coke Head!