EU Grain Production/Stocks Estimates

According to Coceral the EU-27 will produce a wheat crop of 137.6 MMT in 2009/10, of which 128.6 MMT will be soft wheat. That's down 8.6% on an all wheat crop of 150.5 MMT in 2008. Yields for soft wheat are forecast at 5.6 MT/ha, 6.7% lower than 6.0 MT/ha in 2008.

Barley production is seen at 59.7 MMT, that's 9% down on last season's 65.6 MMT.

Corn production is pegged at 56.1 MMT, 7% lower than the 60.5 MMT produced in 2008.

Overall the total EU-27 cereal crop will be 285.3 MMT, 8% down from the 310.2 MMT produced last season.