Ukraine 2009/10 Wheat Exports Seen 38 Pct Lower

A dollar-hungry Ukraine exported a monster 25.3 MMT of grain in the marketing year just ended July08/June09, according to UkrAgroConsult.

That's a sixfold increase on exports of just 4.2 MMT in the previous marketing year.

According to the Ukraine Agricultural Ministry, grain exports for 2009/10 will fall by around a third this 2009/10 marketing year to around 17 MMT.

Wheat exports accounted for 12.6 MMT of last season's exports, a gigantic fourteen times greater than 2007/08's 895,000 MT.

With a sharply lower harvest anticipated this time round, Ukraine's wheat exports for 2009/10 will fall 38% to 7.75 MMT, say UkrAgroConsult.