UK Grain Harvest Latest

ADAS report that a generally warm and dry last week has seen the UK winter wheat harvest advance to 50% done. This is slightly ahead of the six-year average, with rapid advancement this week making up for a slightly delayed start to the wheat harvest.

Yields are variable but close to average overall, with the poor yields on
second wheats counteracting the good first wheat yields. Quality is generally good, they say, with hagbergs less affected by the recent rains than expected.

ADAS say that specific weights are good, ranging from 72-78 kg/hl on second wheats and 75-78 kg/hl on first wheats. Proteins are in the region of 12-13%. Further good news comes from reports that most samples that have been tested to date have shown low levels of mycotoxins, with the majority of tests coming in below the 1250 ppb limit.

The winter barley crop is just about finished at 99% done, they estimate. Yields have been variable at 5-7.5 MT/ha, they add. Much of the winter barley is likely to end up in the feed market, they warn.

Spring barley is 45% harvested in England and Wales, but only 8% done in Scotland, with yields close to average around 4.5-7.0 MT/ha. This is slightly later than the English and Welsh six-year average, they say.

For oats 30% of the UK area has been harvested, with yields again around average at 5.5-7.5 MT/ha.

The winter rapeseed crop is just about finished at 96% harvested, with average yields overall in a range of 2.5-5.0 MT/ha. No spring rape has been cut yet, they conclude.