USDA Weekly Export Sales

The USDA today released the following weekly export sales totals for the period September 4-10, 2009:


Combined sales were 704,400 MT in line with trade expectations of 600-850,000 MT. Sales of 489,400 MT for the 2009/10 marketing year (which began Sept. 1) were primarily for China (463,400 MT). Sales of 215,000 MT for 2010/11 delivery were for South Korea. Actual export shipments of 263,800 MT were primarily to China (164,400 MT).


Sales were 965,600 MT, higher than estimates of 550-750,000 MT, including South Korea (268,300 MT), Japan (250,700 MT, including 97,000 MT switched for unknown destinations), Taiwan (226,000 MT) and Mexico (160,300 MT). Actual export shipments of 1,162,500 MT were primary to Japan (448,100 MT), Mexico (143,500 MT), South Korea (116,100 MT), Egypt (109,900 MT) and Taiwan (88,400 MT).


Sales of 449,400 MT were in line with trade ideas of 400-500,000 MT. The main homes were Mexico (59,600 MT), Taiwan (54,300 MT), the Philippines (48,800 MT), Panama (45,200 MT), Italy (38,500 MT), unknown destinations (34,700 MT), Nigeria (32,500 MT), and Japan (30,400 MT). Actual exports of 595,900 MT were a marketing-year high. The primary destinations were Japan (109,200 MT), Peru (85,000 MT), Egypt (57,700 MT), South Korea (51,200 MT), the Philippines (48,800 MT), and Venezuela (45,900 MT).