Buy, Buy, Buy

Gold ‘Off The Charts’ is a headline that catches my eye this morning. Gold reached a record $1,043.78 an ounce yesterday on ideas that owning the commodity is better than putting money in the bank with interest rates at fourth fifths of bugger all.

Let's all pile in on this sure thing, bullion has “significant upside potential” to reach as high as $1,500 an ounce, Barclays Capital gleefully tell us, not that they have a vested interest you understand.

Bloody hell if only I'd held onto those rings that Mrs Nogger #1 and #2 threw back at me I'd be quids in. Even the infamous cubic zircona one must have had some gold in it surely? I used to wear #2's ring as well as it happens.

It seems that these investment houses are DESPERATE for something to hang their hats on at the moment. They seem to have done quite well out of cocoa and sugar recently too, how long before their attention turns back to that well-known biofuel feedstock wheat?