Ukraine Harvest/Exports

The harvest in Ukraine is drawing to a close with 90% of the planted area cut as at Oct 6, producing 40.35 MMT of grain.

Unlike their Russian counterparts, the Ukrainian ag Ministry's forecast of a crop of 42-43 MMT looks pretty accurate, a reduction of about 20% on last year.

Undaunted by lower output cash-starved Ukraine are matching last year's record export pace, having shipped 6.6 MMT already in the first three months of the marketing year to Sept 30. That's well over a third of their 2009/10 MY target of 18 MMT gone already.

Of that total 3.7 MMT was wheat, which is 15% up on the first three months of MY 2008/09.

On a positive note for the rest of us, at these rates the Ukrainian cupboards should be bear by the spring.

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