Indian Politics, Lying And Time-Wasting

It's a good job we don't play them at football, that's all I can say.

If you thought that our own politicians were a namby pamby bunch of in it for myself ne'er-do-well Johnny come-lately's then take a shuftie at India. What a nest of self-centred smarmy exponents of the art of untruths they are.

Having told reporters only yesterday that the government would release 1.5 MMT of wheat onto the domestic market to stave off spiraling food prices, India's junior food minister K.V. Thomas today has upped the ante now saying that 3 MMT will soon be released. (Note the avoidance of a specific date when this fantastic event will actually occur).

Of course, we've been hearing this for months now, and for months nothing has happened. They've got 30 million tonnes of wheat in store for a rainy day, we all know that. Well Tommo my old chumbawumba it's raining cats & dogs out there so show me your money.

Hang on, calm down, calm down...Indian Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, is playing down increased food prices pushing up inflation after the worst monsoon rains since 1972 hit summer crops.

"Even if there is shortfall of grains to the extent of 10 million tons in this year, the surplus we have (makes it)...manageable," Mukherjee is quoted as saying. "I'm not overly concerned with that."

Well I'm glad that YOU aren't overly concerned, the hungry masses might see the situation differently. So get your finger out Mukherjee my old mucker, and release the wheat rather than talking about it.

Hang on a minute, there's a slight problem, didn't see this one coming did we boys & girls...

Mukherjee says that the government need to wait and see to what extent winter crops can compensate for summer crop losses, and that they can't do that until "end of November, the middle of December."

Now, does anyone smell a rodent?