Nogger On Tour

Despite coming down with a touch of man flu over the weekend, I am determined to honour my commitments and am off to sunny Stratford on Avon to do what I'd like to call a lecture.

It's not a lecture really, more a few knob gags intermixed with a couple of graphs on soybeans & wheat prices, and a picture of Rupert dressed in his gay biker uniform.

Then I'm off to the Hull Corn Trade Dinner Thursday, to take in the delights of the town voted worst place to live in the country 2005.

So that my friends means that there will only be a minimal amount of blogging going on this week, EU wheat and CBOT closing comments and that's likely to be about it.

For those who might be about to suffer withdrawal symptoms I'd recommend checking out if you don't know it already, for a daily fix of agri-related stuff. It's completely free, which I know is a subject very dear to many of your hearts.