I'm A Welsh Farmer With Nothing Better To Do So Put Me On The Telly Isn't It

Proof, if it were needed, that TV producers are running out of ideas comes with the news that S4C are to launch a show called Fferm Ffactor.

Ten Welsh farmers with nothing better to do will compete head-to-head for the dubious honour of being crowned the best farmer in the country. Some would say that won't be difficult, but not me.

The show will sort the men (and ladies) from the boyos by setting them a series of tough challenges such as driving a tractor and building a gate for Christ's sake. What's in the final, putting on your wellies the fastest?

Just to make things interesting the show will be dragged out over ten weeks.

Fferm Ffactor begins on Tuesday, 20 October at 8.25pm on S4C. Riveting stuff, I must get the video set for that then.

A better idea might have been to get them to attempt to succesfully run a creamery near Cardiff. They could have called that Brigend Jones's Dairy.