Scandanavian Harvest Wrap-Up

The Danish statistics office estimates that this year’s grain crop in Denmark will total 10.2 MMT, 12% up from the 9.1 MMT harvested last year. Wheat output was up 20% to 6.0 MMT (from 5.0 MMT), barley production up only slightly to 3.4 MMT (from 3.3 MMT) of which 2.5 MMT was spring barley, they say.

The Swedish National Board of Agriculture estimate that the 2009 wheat crop was 2.3 MMT, which is slightly up from the 2.2 MMT harvested last year. Barley production was unchanged at 1.7 MMT of which almost all (1.6 MMT) was spring barley, they add.

Finland’s agriculture ministry estimates this year’s grain crop at 4.3 MMT compared to last year’s 4.2 MMT. Barley production is estimated at 2.2 MMT (from 2.1 MMT) and wheat output is seen at 888,000 MT (up 12.7% from 788,000 MT last year), including 824,000 MT of spring wheat, they say.