French Nov 1st Grain Stocks Up Almost 25 Pct

Commercial French grain stocks on Nov 1st were up almost 25% on year ago levels to 25.6 MMT (from 18.6 MMT), according to government data.

Sort wheat stocks were 11.2 MMT (2008: 9.8 MMT), barley stocks 6.8 MMT (4.9 MMT) and corn stocks 5.9 MMT (2.6 MMT).

The figures also show that France exported 3.9 MMT of wheat (excluding durum) in the first three months of marketing year 2009/10 (July/June), down 5% compared to 4.1 MMT exported in the same period of the previous season. Of that total 1.6 MMT (1.8 MMT) went to other EU countries and 2.3 MMT (2.4 MMT) were exported outside the EU.

Barley exports were 1.2 MMT (2008: 1.3 MMT), almost all of which went inside the EU. Corn exports came in at 1.7 MMT (1.2 MMT), of which 1.6 MMT went inside the EU.

The top French wheat export home was Italy at 357,000 MT, Belgium took the most barley at 321,000 MT and Spain took the most corn at 564,000 MT. Corn exports to the UK were up sharply in the period to 113,000 MT fro 75,000 MT in 2008.