USDA Weekly Export Sales

For the period December 4-10 the USDA today report the following sales/export activity:


Net sales of 934,700 MT were a little above estimates for sales of 750,000 to 850,000 MT. The main takers were China (668,500 MT), Mexico (91,700 MT) and the Netherlands (77,400 MT). There were also net sales of 10,000 MT for delivery in 2010/11 which were for Japan.

Exports of 1,663,100 MT were to China (1,303,900 MT), Turkey (88,800 MT), the Netherlands (77,400 MT), Mexico (43,700 MT) and Italy (34,100 MT).


Net sales of 1,227,100 MT were a marketing-year high and well above estimates ranging from 550,000 to 750,000 MT. Mexico (291,800 MT), Japan (278,000 MT), Egypt (180,000 MT), South Korea (152,000 MT), Costa Rica (97,500 MT) and unknown destinations (92,800 MT) were the main buyers.

Exports of 776,500 MT were a bit above the prior 4-week average. The primary destinations were Japan (303,300 MT), Mexico (107,700 MT), Ecuador (63,400 MT), South Korea (54,300 MT), Guatemala (42,700 MT), Panama (31,200 MT) and Cuba (27,500 MT).


Net sales of 345,000 were in line with estimates of 300,000 to 400,000 MT. The main homes were Japan (138,000 MT), Indonesia (68,000 MT) and Nigeria (66,000 MT).

Exports of 338,100 MT went mainly to Indonesia (68,000 MT), Israel (55,500 MT), Mexico (53,400 MT), Japan (28,500 MT), Guatemala (28,200 MT) and Haiti (20,900 MT).